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Anger at Ardoyne Parade decision

5 July, 2005

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Gerry Kelly today branded the Parades Commission decision to force an Orange Parade through three nationalist areas, including the Ardoyne area on the evening of July 12th as 'deeply flawed and without logic'.

Mr Kelly said:

" Today's decision by the Parades Commission to force two Orange parades in one day through three nationalist areas including Ardoyne is deeply flawed and without logic. It will cause widespread anger and undoubtedly has the potential to create enormous difficulties. It is the wrong decision and should be reversed.

" Sinn Féin want to see a peaceful marching season. We have demonstrated this time and again. I will of course work tirelessly in the coming days and on the day of the march to try and make this happen. However people should not be naive about this.

" When the Parades Commission make determinations like this they fly in the face of efforts to maintain calm and ensure people can live peacefully and without fear during the marching season. This decision has created a very difficult situation." ENDS

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