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Sinn Féin lobby on Ardoyne Parade in London

5 July, 2005

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Kathy Stanton will raise with British MPs tonight in London the issue of the Parades Commission decision to force an Orange Order parade through three nationalist areas including Ardoyne on the twelfth morning.

Ms Stanton said:

" I will use the opportunity provided tonight by a Sinn Féin reception for MPs and opinion makers in London to raise the issue of the Parades Commission determination regarding the Ardoyne parade and the very serious situation which now exists as a result.

" Sinn Féin have worked long and hard to achieve a peaceful summer however when Parades Commission determinations are destined to achieve the opposite effect then we all find ourselves in a very difficult environment.

" The Orange Order and leading DUP politicians set out the agenda to use the parading issue in Belfast to raise tensions and poison the political atmosphere some weeks ago. Unfortunately the Parades Commission have now fed into this negative agenda with their determinations in Ardoyne and the Springfield Road.

" These determinations are wrong and send out entirely the wrong signal to the Orange Order who insist on marching where they are not wanted and continue to arrogantly refuse to engage with local nationalist communities." ENDS

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