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‘DUP-Tory pact can’t be allowed to impose Brexit border’ – O’Neill

1 December, 2017 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin’s Northern Leader has urged the Irish Government to use its veto on the Brexit negotiations if there is any suggestion that Theresa May’s government is prioritising its pact with the DUP over the needs of citizens on the island of Ireland.

Michelle O’Neill was commenting after DUP leader Arlene Foster claimed the British Government has ‘a clear understanding that the DUP will not countenance any arrangement that could lead to a new border being created in the Irish Sea’. DUP MP Sammy Wilson also warned that it would end its supply and confidence deal with the tories if Britain agreed to bespoke Brexit arrangements in Ireland.

Michelle O’Neill commented: “The obvious solution to the problems posed by Brexit is designated special status for the North to remain in the EU. That is the position of Sinn Féin, the Dáil and the European Parliament. It is also in line with the wishes of the majority in the North who voted to remain.

“Therefore, Arlene Foster’s views do not represent the majority of people here. They do not represent the business sector, the agri-food sector or the very many other interests who are deeply concerned about the impact of Brexit on our economy and communities across the island.

“If there is any suggestion, as Arlene Foster and Sammy Wilson are inferring, that they will use the DUP’s partnership with the Tories to influence the Brexit negotiations and impose a new frontier on Ireland, then there is an onus on the Taoiseach to act accordingly.

“The Dublin Government has maximum leverage as we approach the critical European Council summit in two weeks’ time. The Taoiseach has the power to veto the negotiations from moving to the next stage.

“If there is any attempt by the Tories to prioritise the DUP’s ideologically-driven position over the needs of the people here, then the Taoiseach should use that veto.”

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