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‘European Parliament votes for further militarisation’ Lynn Boylan MEP.

13 December, 2017 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Speaking from Strasbourg Lynn Boylan MEP condemned two votes in the European Parliament which call for greater militarisation.

Boylan said:

“Today the European Parliament voted in favour of two reports calling for greater European militarisation. By voting in favour of the annual reports on Common Foreign and Security Policy and Common Security and Defence Policy the European parliament has endorsed increased EU military spending, and further European defence integration.

“The wording in these two reports is clearly laying the groundwork for an EU defence union and the creation of an EU army. These two reports were fully supported by the three Fine Gael MEPs.

“Today the Fine Gael MEPs have voted in favour of the creation of EU military units as part of PESCO, spending 2% of our GDP on defence, and for the free movement of military equipment and troops within the EU.

“Not only have the Fine Gael MEPs voted in favour of the militarisation of the EU and shown their commitment to increased defence spending, they have also voted in favour of removing the national veto on common foreign and security policy decisions. This would make small member states like Ireland virtually powerless when it comes to foreign policy decisions.

“Fine Gael need to be clear with the Irish people about the militarised, undemocratic Europe that they are helping to build.”

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