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Chief Constable should focus on ending delays to justice and truth – Kelly

15 December, 2017 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said the Chief Constable George Hamilton’s focus should be on complying with all court orders on disclosure to families of victims of the conflict instead of wasting time and public money in further delaying justice and truth.

And the north Belfast MLA said that the Chief Constable should focus on getting the British government to implement the legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House.

Gerry Kelly said: 

“The Chief Constable should consider his service’s own disclosure processes in light of sustained criticism from coroners and various judges.

 “He should implement all the recommendations from the Criminal Justice Inspectorate’s recent report on the PSNI's disclosure processes to Coroners Courts.

“The Chief Constable should observe all court orders and directions made on the release of information to the legal representatives of families.

“The John Flynn judgment by Justice Stephens outlined the sustained refusal of the PSNI to observe court orders on disclosure over a number of years 

“Justice Treacy also tasked the PSNI with meeting the families to facilitate their demands for an independent investigation into allegations of collusion into the activities of the Glenanne Gang who were involved in around 120 murders.

“He should end the waste of public money spent on legal challenges to legacy related judgements and use it to facilitate prompt disclosure and independent investigations. 

“Some families have been waiting decades on coroners inquests and there is a perception that the PSNI is trying to delay yet another investigation into the involvement of the RUC and state forces in loyalist murder gangs.

“The constant delays and obstruction of the courts by the PSNI in legacy cases are negatively impacting on public confidence in policing as recognised by the Chief Constable. 

“The Chief Constable should focus on getting the British Government to implement, in a human rights compliant manner, the legacy mechanisms agreed at the Stormont House Talks.

 “And either the Chief Constable or the British Government should provide the resources requested by the Lord Chief Justice to clear the backlog in legacy inquests and the backlog in the Police Ombudsman’s legacy investigations.” 

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