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Sinn Fein proposes a new Biogas Industry – Stanley

12 January, 2018 - by Brian Stanley TD

Publishing a policy paper today on the need to develop a Biogas industry in Ireland, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Climate Action Brian Stanley TD said that if we are to take climate change seriously and to move from fossil fuels, this State needs to use all the renewable resources it has available. One of these resources is the potential in biogas, which can improve our environment, reduce our greenhouse emissions, increase security of energy supply and create much needed jobs in rural Ireland.

The Laois TD said:

“Biogas gas generated from waste, largely farm and animal waste, and can be combined with catering/food waste. The use of biogas as a renewable source of energy will work to complement the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy. It will further help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions which we know are on the rise. We have an international obligation to reduce our emissions by 20% by 2020, but will only reach 4-6% according to the EPA.

“In the Biogas paper, we outline the potential in this renewable gas derived from waste. It has multiple uses, in heat, as a transport fuel or to generate electricity. Germany has over 8,000 biogas plants, Britain has over 600 and we are not even out of the traps with the first project in Co Kildare to become fully operational and supply the gas grid in March/April this year.

“Alongside the environmental benefits and the security of supply benefits of biogas, it also has the potential to create jobs in rural Ireland and provide a reliable revenue stream for farmers. Currently we have an issue with the spreading farm waste including slurry. Biogas plants can use this waste to produce energy, turning waste into a sustainable renewable energy source.  Biogas must form as part of a portfolio of renewable energy sources needed to supply this island in the future and to end our over reliance on fossil fuels.

“Government and other stakeholders need to support the creation of this industry and work toward the building of the circular economy.”

Note: Please see the policy paper attached

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