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Protest in support of Rossport 5 to take place in Gorey on Friday

14 July, 2005

Following the return to Cloverhill prison today of the 5 Mayo smallholders jailed for attempting to halt the Shell and Statoil oil companies from laying a potentially dangerous  pipeline across their lands, Wexford Sinn Féin are set to continue their series of protests with a white line picket in Gorey tomorrow afternoon (Friday) at 6pm.   This will be the third public demonstration in support of the Shell to Sea campaign, held in Wexford over the past 2 weeks, following on from earlier public protests held in Enniscorthy and New Ross.   Speaking in advance Wexford Sinn Féin County Councillor, John Dwyer said:   "The decision of the High Court in Dublin today to return these men to prison is to be condemned in the strongest terms.  Sinn Féin fully supports the Shell to Sea campaign and applauds these men and their families who are opposing the efforts of the Shell and Statoil Corporations to bully the people of Rossport into accepting a dangerous pipeline.   "As all of the facts around this case continue to emerge into the public domain and into public consciousness it is becoming more and more clear to the wider public that both the Shell and Statoil oil companies have been attempting to hoodwink the people of Ireland for some years and to quite literally plunder Ireland's natural resources, free gratis, from under our all of our noses.   "What is bizarre and what demands to be explained publicly by this government is why these oil conglomerates have been aided and abetted by a series of sweetheart deals made by former Ministers Dessie O'Malley and Ray Burke under which the Irish state receives no royalties whatsoever from this plundering and exploitation of our natural resources. This simply would not be tolerated in any other country. Indeed in Norway, Statoil pay 78% tax to the Norwegain state.   "The actions of the people of Rossport, the imprisoned men and their families have drawn attention to all of these issues. Ireland's natural resources should be developed in the interests of the Irish people and not the giant oil multinationals. Sinn Féin is fully committed to supporting the Shell to Sea campaign and the people of Rossport in standing up to the might of these giant corporations in all of our interests." ENDS 

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