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Campaign to free Rossport Five arrives in Minister Dempsey's home town

15 July, 2005

The  campaign  to  Free  the  Rossport  Five  came  to the home town of the
Minister for the Marine And Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey last night.

Caitlín  Uí  Sheighin, wife of jailed Rossport man Micháel Ó Sheighin spoke
of  her  hope  that  her  husband and the other prisoners would be released
soon. Commenting on the couple’s situation, Mrs Uí Sheighin stated that "as
myself and Michael are retired from teaching, we had expected that we would
be  enjoying life in a way you can't when you are both working fulltime and
raising a family."

However,  since  the  Corrib  Gas Project began their lives had been turned
"upside down, by a faceless multinational company indifferent to Rossport's
safety  fears, and by a government determined to protect business interests
to the end."

Meath  Sinn Féin County Councillor, Joe Reilly stated that "the solution is
simple but Minister Noel Dempsey is not making a resolution easy."

Continuing,  Councillor Reilly stated that "We choose Trim for this meeting
tonight precisely as it is Minister Noel Dempsey's home town, and the point
must  be made clear that as Meath's representative at the cabinet table, he
is expected to, and indeed must act on the concerns of his constituents."

According  to  Coincillor  Joe  Reilly the plan to "pump raw, odourless gas
through  a  residential  area  already  prone  to  landslides is incredibly
reckless.  Minister  Dempsey  knows  that the people of Meath are aghast at
this  proposal,  and  we call on him to stop prevaricating and to let these
men return home to their families."

The meeting was adjourned once a strategy for Meath was agreed to press for
the five men's early release. According to Mrs Uí Sheighin she is delighted
"at  the  support  in  Meath  for  us,  as  well  as  all of the groups and
individuals across Ireland that have lended their help."

"In  many  respects,  many  of  us  living  in  the affected area have felt
isolated  from  public support in the past, but this is obviously changing.
All  I  can  say  is  that  the people of Meath have been generous in their
support, and I look forward to the forthcoming protest in Trim." ENDS

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