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Sinn Féin slams North Belfast sectarian blast bomb attack

16 July, 2005

Sinn Fein Councillor for North Belfast Margaret McClenaghan has slammed a
blast bomb attack on a home in Mountainview. The attack resulted  in the
owner of the house having to be taken to hospital and windows and car
damaged. It was later followed by a sustained attack of bricks, golf balls
and bottles on nationalist homes in Alliance Avenue which saw several cars
being damaged.

Speaking today Cllr McClenaghan said:

"The blast bomb attack on a nationalist home and attacks on homes in
Alliance Avenue have no justification whatsoever and must be brought to an
end immiediatly before somebody is killed..

"Again we see vulnerable homes being attacked. Last week loyalists attempted
to kill a family as they slept on the Crumlin Road and here we see a blast
bomb being thrown at the bedroom window of a nationalist home literally
around the corner. This is yet another case of attempted murder.

"Those with influence within the loyalist and unionist commuity must use
whatever powers they have to bring an end to these attacks. I am calling on
them to act with urgency before the situation gets worse." ENDS

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