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O’Neill urges British Labour Party to support Special Status for the North within EU

29 January, 2018 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill MLA has urged the British Labour Party’s shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Keir Starmer MP to help secure designated special status for the North within the EU. 

The party’s leader in the North was commenting after meeting with Keir Starmer in Belfast today.

She said: “I reiterated to Keir Starmer that Brexit will be an disaster for the entire island of Ireland, both socially and economically.

“I made clear that as negotiations move onto phase 2 that we cannot withstand exclusion from the single market and customs union. Otherwise the reality is economic apartheid on this island as the result of a hard border.

“I also reminded him of the fact that the majority of people in the north voted to remain but that vote has been completely ignored by the Tory government. We must be vigilant on the sufficient progress made on phase 1 which includes full preservation of the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts.

“It was very clear that Keir Starmer is across the argument for the north to secure special designated status within the EU, remaining in the single market and the customs union, and as a legal expert will appreciate the strength of the independent legal advice which shows that this is entirely possible. 

“I urged him to help ensure that the British Labour Party throws its weight behind the argument for special status for the North within the EU and to help secure it in the best interests of all citizens here.” 

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