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Ireland embarrassingly lagging behind on renewable energy targets - Lynn Boylan MEP

4 February, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Eurostat has recently published data on how EU member-States are progressing in their attempts to reach their 2020 targets.

Reacting to the data, Dublin MEP Lynn Boylan commented:

“Eleven EU States have already met their renewable energy targets two years in advance. However, it is extremely disappointing to see Ireland at the bottom of the list, despite having quite a modest renewable energy target of only 16%.

“Ireland is lagging well behind other EU States and with only two years left it is impossible to see how the government will get anywhere near its target.

“The latest data proves that far more ambitious targets are required for 2030. The current negotiations are proposing non-binding national targets which will only worsen the situation, particularly in Ireland, and lead to further targets not being reached.

"A non-binding national target will not encourage the Irish government to take positive action.

“Any attempt to lower the EU’s call for a 35% renewable energy target in the upcoming negotiations simply cannot be tolerated. As an Irish MEP I will closely monitor the Irish government’s role in any such negotiations.”

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