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A statement from Gerry Kelly MLA on the clamping of his car

5 February, 2018 - by Gerry Kelly

Gerry Kelly said:

“I came out of the gym just after 8am to head to Stormont for talks.

“I saw that my car had been clamped.

“I phoned the number on the notice and the only response I got was music.

“I then went in to the Mac and asked had they another number for the company.

“I immediately rang that number and this number was out of use.

“I was under pressure to get to the talks meetings

“I remembered that the gym had a set of bolt cutters and I borrowed them. 

”Let me add that staff at the gym were not aware what I was using the bolt cutters for.

“I then removed the clamp.

“I made an on-the-spot decision which I now regret.

“I have contacted the company and paid the fine. The issue has now been resolved.”

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