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20 July, 2005

Sinn Fein County Councillor Gerry Murray has called on the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny to the give the people of Mayo a clear and rational explanation for the bizarre set of events that took place in the Council Chamber on Monday night. In a statement Councillor Murray said that Fine Gael had done a gross disservice to local democracy and further undermined people's faith and perception of local government in the County.

"After Monday night's comedy of errors in the Council chamber there is a clear onus on Fine Gael to convene a full meeting of Mayo County Council so they can fully account to the Public for their actions."

Councillor Murray said that the Fine Gael had no right to rescind motions that had been democratically adopted some hours earlier.

"It was quite clear that Councillor Tim Quinn's motion calling on Shell to process the gas at sea had been carried by the council in a very conclusive fashion, indeed Councillor Quinn sough clarification that it had been carried before the Council moved on to deal with the formal agenda. We seem to have arrived at the rather bizarre situation where Fianna Fail are now opposing Government policy while Fine Gael are supporting Government Policy. Meanwhile the Rossport five are still in jail with no resolution in sight. Instead of both parties frantically trying to spin their way out of the current set of circumstances they should come clean and tell the people of the County where exactly they stand in relation to this most sensitive and serious of issues." ENDS

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