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Sinn Féin to outline how United Ireland will benefit Irish Businesses

12 February, 2018 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin is to launch a document in Dundalk on Tuesday, 13th February outlining how a United Ireland would benefit Irish enterprise and businesses across the island.


Matt Carthy MEP will host the launch which will be addressed by Sinn Fein's Enterprise Spokespersons Maurice Quinlivan TD and Conor Murphy MLA.


Speaking in advance of the launch Matt Carthy said:


“A united Ireland will benefit all the people of this island including, very importantly, in economic terms.


“Partition has been an economic disaster for Ireland, North and South. Economy and society across the island of Ireland are intertwined. Back-to-back development and wasteful duplication serve nobody, in either jurisdiction.


“Brexit has merely served to highlight these issues. The Good Friday and subsequent agreements have ensured that all-Ireland co-operation has benefitted people across Ireland. We cannot allow this to be threatened.


“Sinn Féin’s document, A United Ireland  Better for Jobs, Enterprise and Research, will show how Irish unity would unlock the real economic potential of this island acting as a huge spur for economic growth leading to more jobs and an improvement in living standards.


“Research has repeatedly demonstrated that in terms of synergies, economies of scale and infrastructural development, a united Ireland makes economic sense. There are simply no advantages for an island nation of 6.4 million inhabitants having two separate tax regimes, legal systems, and competing economic development programmes.


“The recently-published and peer-reviewed Modelling Irish Unification study by Professor Kurt Huebner of Vancouver University (2015) illustrated that the total combined Irish economy would perform better than the two separate economies, North and South, and could generate up to €35 billion in economic returns for Ireland based on the study’s models.


“Unity would deliver sustainable economic growth and employment throughout the island. It would particularly benefit areas along the Border which have suffered as a result of Partition.


“It would create a level playing field for trade which would not be dependent on the whim of currency exchanges or taxation differences on the same island.


“Full economic integration would allow for fair and progressive taxation, regulation and trade. It would provide the tools for growth, employment and a better business climate across the island.

A united Ireland would bring economic stability and create an environment in which business can thrive.”


The launch of the Sinn Féin document A United Ireland  Better for Jobs, Enterprise and Research, will take place at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Dundalk at 10am on 13 January. All media are welcome.

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