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Memo revelations further evidence of the 'Ryanair-isation' of State airline

21 July, 2005

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Employment and Workers Rights, Arthur Morgan T.D. has said that it is unacceptable for any company, let alone a semi-state company, to use the harassment tactics outlined in the leaked memo to bring about 'voluntary redundancies'. Deputy Morgan said the leaked memo was further evidence of the 'Ryanair-isation' of the state airline.

Deputy Morgan said, "The workers at Aer Lingus have contributed to the huge turn around of the airline in recent years. For management now to turn around and use harassment tactics accurately described by the unions as "psychological warfare" to persuade workers to accept voluntary redundancies is an absolute disgrace. Unions have also indicated that they are aware that a number workers have reported that they have been subjected to tactics similar to those put forward in the leaked memo.

"This cannot be allowed to rest. An urgent review of management practices particularly in reference to the treatment of workers must be carried out. Those who drew up this memo and who implemented or attempted to implement its suggestions must be held accountable.

"Management at Aer Lingus have been attempting to copy to low fair airline model of Ryanair. This model is based on anti-workers practices which Aer Lingus is now clearly emulating. The workers of Aer Lingus are employees of this State and the Government cannot stand idly by and allow them to be treated in this way." ENDS

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