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Halligan’s plan to give public money to arms industry an insult to Irish neutrality - Lynn Boylan MEP

20 February, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

 Reacting to Minister Halligan’s announcement of an Irish space strategy today Lynn Boylan has condemned the Minister’s support for the arms industry.

 Ms. Boylan said;

"Not only has Minister Halligan announced a space strategy that will see the Irish state giving public money to multinational arms companies under the guise of space exploration but he announced the strategy from the headquarters of one of Ireland’s largest arms companies. Innalabs’

"While announcing the space strategy Halligan praised several companies which are involved in the production of navigational systems and other components, used in drones, missiles, and other weapons systems.

"Ireland cannot claim to be a neutral nation if the government is funding the development of arms companies who profit from the imperialist actions of NATO and produce parts for weapons systems used to spread death and destruction around the world. 

"Minister Halligan seems to be completely unaware of the overlap between space exploration technologies and the arms industry, the fact is that the companies likely to benefit from this space strategy are ones who produce dual use military goods which are marketed as military products at arms fairs around the world.

"It is clear that the Minister has not bothered to take the necessary steps to ensure that the space strategy does not benefit arms companies. In fact, it is clear that Minister Halligan is not even aware of the scale of the Irish arms trade. Before announcing any space strategy the Minister needs to ensure that no company profiting of war and death receives public funding."

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