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Loyalist death threats made against Sinn Féin representative

25 July, 2005

Sinn Féin MLA for North Belfast Kathy Stanton as this afternoon described as 'sinister' loyalist death threats made against leading republican Martin Meehan.

Mr Meehan was visited by the PSNI today and told that they had received information that he would be assassinated within 24 hours. Several other unnamed people are also under threat.

Speaking this afternoon Ms Stanton said:

"These latest threats against my party colleague from unionist paramilitaries is a sinister development. This is undoubtedly part of a wider trend of intimidation by loyalists aimed at the nationalist community.

"Over the past number of months there has been a continuous and orchestrated campaign of intimidation directed towards the nationalist community in Belfast. Homes have been attacked, people assaulted and now an escalation of intra-loyalist feuding. All of this leads nationalists to believe that these gangs are operating with complete impunity.

"The threats against Martin Meehan reinforce the need for vigilance within the wider nationalist community in these tense summer months. Those who continue to coat-trail and march triumphantly through catholic areas must also bear some responsibility for the continuing escalation of sectarian tensions." ENDS

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