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Johnson's border comments highlight need for special status - Anderson

27 February, 2018 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson said comments from British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson highlight how the Tories view the north of Ireland as collateral damage in their Brexit agenda. 

Martina Anderson said: 

"The frankly ridiculous comments from British Foreign Secretary and arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson that there is no border between council boroughs in London and that somehow that is comparable to the situation in Ireland shows how out of touch with reality he actually is. 

"He, like many of the Tory cabinet, have so little comprehension of what happens beyond the M25, let alone what the reality is on the ground in Ireland. 

"It may have escaped his attention that Ireland is already partitioned and that the reckless Brexit agenda pursued by his government has the potential to copper fasten and increase the huge damage that was done to the island and its people by partition. 

"While Boris Johnston is often dismissed by many as some sort of buffoon, his views are reflective of how the Tories view the north in terms of Brexit. 

"The reality is that the Tories care nothing for the people of the north of Ireland and that we are just collateral damage to them in their pursuit of their myopic Brexit. 

"We need to secure special status for the north within the EU in order to protect our economy, our rights and the Good Friday Agreement in the face of this ongoing Tory assault."

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