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Tory-DUP wrecking agenda cannot prevail – McDonald

28 February, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Speaking following the publication of the EU’s draft Brexit withdrawal treaty, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD has said “the Tory-DUP wrecking-agenda cannot prevail”.

Teachta McDonald made the comments after she welcomed the recognition, contained within the draft agreement, of the need for special arrangements for the North, including remaining within the Customs Union.

Speaking directly to An Taoiseach at Leaders’ Questions today, Ms McDonald said;

“As you know, the British Government and the Brexiteers engaged in the Brexit debate with zero regard for the impact on Ireland.

“No concern for our economy. No concern for the rights of our people. No concern for the peace process.

“Now, they want to conclude their debate, and make their exit, by putting the Good Friday Agreement through the shredder The Tory-DUP axis is satisfied to treat the welfare of the people of this island as collateral damage so long as they achieve their ‘little Englander’ vision for Brexit.

“Their arrogance is best highlighted by their rejection of vote of the people of the North to remain in European Union and most recently crystallised by Boris Johnson’s juvenile and dangerous commentary.

“The DUP has hitched itself to the Tory wagon. They have put narrow political interests ahead of the good of the people of the North from all communities, ahead of our economic well-being and a head of the political process.

“The position of the Tory-DUP Brexiteers is that they will have their Brexit at any cost. Except it won’t be them who foots the bill. It will be the ordinary people of this island both north and south.

“That can’t be allowed to happen. The Tory-DUP wrecking-agenda cannot prevail.

“Taoiseach, it is your job and that of government to ensure that this doesn’t happen. There is no doubt that the British government will attempt to undermine the text of this agreement in the time ahead.

“In the context of the DUP’s collapsing of the talks in the North, I asked you to convene the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference. This development clearly adds weight to the need for that to happen.” 

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