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“British Prime Minister fails to grasp the hard truths and realities of Brexit” - Mary Lou McDonald TD

2 March, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Speaking following the speech by British Prime Minister Theresa May today, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD said;

“Twenty one months on from the disastrous Brexit referendum, we have no more than empty rhetoric and contradictory positions from the British Prime minster.

“The British government has stated it does not want a hard border in Ireland and that it continues to support the Good Friday Agreement.

“Today, Theresa May failed to grasp the hard truths and realities that we face.

“The hard truth is that Brexit is incompatible with the wishes of the people of the north, acts against our economy and undermines our agreements.

“The British Government knows this and that is why they have failed to bring forward any workable solutions or new thinking.

“Instead Prime Minister May discarded the agreement she made in December and retreated to proposals from last year – proposals for a fantasy technological border and trusting traders to make truthful disclosures.

“These proposals lack any credibility and have been dismissed by the EU. 

“The clock is ticking on the negotiations and the position outlined by the British Prime Minister is a step backwards.

“The way forward for the island of Ireland is clear; 

“To avoid a hard border then the north must remain within the customs union and single market.

“To remain true to the Good Friday Agreement the North must be designated special status with the EU including safeguarding the rights of EU citizens and all-Ireland co-operation.

“The Irish government and the EU must make clear that there can be no undermining of the agreements and no hard border in Ireland.”

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