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Fine Gael signs off on further militarism - Lynn Boylan MEP

6 March, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Today in Brussels, Defence Ministers of the 28 Member States agreed the details of the first round of European military projects under PESCO, the new EU military alliance.

Reacting to the news Sinn Fein MEP, Lynn Boylan said:

“Todays further endorsement of PESCO by the Irish Government is hardly surprising given that on Friday it is widely anticipated that Fine Gael MEPs will launch a policy document seeking to pull asunder Ireland’s position of neutrality.

“Despite all the protestations in December that PESCO was not a threat to Irelands neutrality, the Fine Gael Government will in the space of one week sign off on 17 EU military projects and attempt to undo a proud history of Irish neutrality.

"All this in order to faciltate Ireland’s full participation in the EU military alliance, an alliance that other neutral countries have remained outside of.

“The nature of the PESCO projects approved today included funding for the development of artillary, armoured personal carriers and the faciltation of rapid deployment of EU troops to conflict zones.

"The Defence Ministers also agreed to launch a second call for projects as early as May 2018. 

“This is without a doubt a ramping up of the militarisation of the EU and instead of protecting our neutral position like the Maltese Government did, Fine Gael have decided to play second fiddle to the bigger political parties in the European Peoples Party who have vested interests in the arms industry.

“Sinn Féin have continuously challenged the government’s attempts to undermine Irish neutrality and we will fight this latest attempt by Fine Gael. 

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