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British Army begin to dismantle spy post at Divis Tower

2 August, 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams was today joined by West Belfast Assembly member Fra McCann and MEP Bairbre deBrún as they met with residents of Divis Tower as work began to dismantle the spy post on the roof of the tower block.

Speaking to reporters outside Mr Adams said:

"This spy post served no useful purpose over the years it was positioned on the roof of Divis tower.

"We are told that it was there for our protection but people were killed in my constituency office, people were killed in this neighbourhood, all within sight of the squaddies on this tower. Local people will warmly welcome the work which commenced today to remove this spy post from this community."

Addressing the challenges which lie ahead in the peace process Mr Adams said:

" Given the reaction of the DUP in the days since the IRA announcement it appears to many as if Mr Paisley would have preferred that the IRA had not made its move at all.

" But it is time to move on with the peace process and restore the political institutions. There is a challenge for Mr Blair to advise the DUP that the Good Friday Agreement is going to be delivered and that the opportunities presented by last weeks IRA initiative have to be seized."ENDS

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