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Fine Gael embrace Arms industry - Lynn Boylan MEP

14 March, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Fine Gael MEPs have voted in favour of creating a new EU fund for military research. The new fund, called the ‘European Defence Industrial Development Programme’, will provide massive subsidies to arms companies.

Reacting to the vote in Strasbourg, Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Lynn Boylan said

"Fine Gael MEPs have consistently voted in favour of increasing EU militarisation. Today’s vote is further proof, as if it was needed, of Fine Gael's support for a militarised EU. This vote means that public money will now be used to pay weapons manufacturers.

"This new slush fund for the arms industry will take money from programmes such as Horizon2020 to invest in permanent war and will only contribute to global instability.

"Fine Gael MEPs have dismissed anyone who dares to criticise their support for militarisation as ‘alarmists’ but the Fine Gael voting record on these issues is clear.

"In the past few months alone, Fine Gael have voted in favour of creating permanent EU military units, increasing Ireland's defence spending by over 500%, and have committed Ireland to participating in Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), the first stage in the creation of a full EU common defence policy.

"If Fine Gael truly want an honest debate on these issues then they must end their use of dog whistle attacks and blanket dismissals of legitimate criticisms of militarisation."


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