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DUP should respect rights of Irish citizens - McCartney

23 March, 2018 - by Raymond McCartney

The DUP should respect the rights of Irish citizens which are protected by the Good Friday Agreement, rather than attempting to stoke division through pointless Westminster motions, Sinn Féin’s Raymond McCartney has said.

The Foyle MLA was speaking after the DUP tabled a motion calling on the FAI to end its ‘pursuit’ of football players born in the North.

“This is a pointless motion from the DUP which is simply aimed at stoking division and resurrecting an issue that has already been dealt with,” Raymond McCartney said.

“Even Michael O’Neill whose divisive and unnecessary comments sparked the latest debate, has since accepted that the FAI has not broken any rules.

“So for the DUP to now suggest this is not the case is equally divisive and unfounded.

"The fact is that the Good Friday Agreement protects the right of every citizen in the north to assert their own identity and citizenship. That is an internationally binding agreement and no amount of DUP Early Day Motions in Westminster is going to change that.

"It is the individual’s choice to make and Irish footballers in the north who are afforded the honour to represent their country should not be subjected this kind of political pressure.

“The DUP should respect their decision and their right to make it.” 

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