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EU rapidly escalating its military union plans - Lynn Boylan MEP

30 March, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan has slammed the European Commission for its latest militaristic plan outlined this week. 

The plan is being dubbed a ‘military schengen’ zone and is intended to facilitate troop movements within the EU.

Reacting to the proposal, the Dublin MEP again condemned the Commission for prioritising the militarisation of the EU. 

Lynn Boylan MEP said:

"This latest proposal is another part of the Commission's efforts to create a militaristic union by 2025.

"This proposal would see the EU introducing policy which is a direct effort to meet the needs of NATOs military strategists not the needs of European citizens.

"The plans outlined by Commissioner Mogherini would mean that transport infrastructure projects in Europe such as new road and rail developments and any upgrades of existing infrastructure would be designed with the needs of NATO militaries in mind.

"It would also allow for streamlined border checks for military personnel, hardware and dangerous goods.

‘The Commission are openly talking about full military union by 2025 and the Irish government are happily going along without allowing for any proper debate in the Dáil or wider public. 

"Taoiseach Leo Varadkar needs to respect Ireland’s neutrality and stop trying to massage his ego by ingratiating himself to the militaristic Macrons and Merkels of the world.

"He has a duty to make it clear to the European Commission that the Irish people did not vote in favour of abandoning neutrality and joining any EU military union.

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