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Sinn Féin Welcome For Electoral System Proposals

5 August, 2005

Sinn Féin National Director of Elections Pat Doherty MP has welcomed the
consultation paper launched today and the proposals contained in it by the
British government aimed at restoring public confidence in the electoral
system here and rectifying the very obvious flaws in the current

Mr Doherty said:

" The introduction of the current electoral arrangements at the behest of
the SDLP and the unionist parties has led to the disenfranchisement of over
200,000 people. Since the introduction of these measures Sinn Féin have been
campaigning for a change in the legislation. We have repeatedly raised this
matter with the British government in the course of our discussions.

" Today's publication of this consultation document on the future of the
electoral system and the proposals it contains is a recognition that the
current arrangements are deeply flawed and need urgent change. Annual
registration has proven to be a complete disaster. Public confidence in the
electoral system needs to be rebuilt and it is my hope that today's paper
can be the first step along this road." ENDS

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