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Cullinane criticises Cullen on road safety

5 August, 2005

Waterford  Sinn  Féin  councillor  David  Cullinane has described Transport
Minister  Martin Cullen’s failure to implement the Government’s road safety
strategy  as  “yet another example of the ever increasing dichotomy between
Government   spin   and  Government  actions.”  Councillor  Cullinane  also
described the Government’s decision to privatise some bus routes as “a step

Reacting  to  news  today  that  a  row has broken out between the National
Safety  Council  and  the  Department  of  Transport  over the Government’s
commitment  to  road  safety Councillor Cullinane said, “The failure of the
Minister  Cullen  to  implement  fully  the  government’s  own  road safety
strategy  is  yet  another example of the ever increasing dichotomy between
Government  spin  and  Government actions.  Could it be that the Government
finds  the  consequences  of  living  up  to  it’s  high-sounding  rhetoric
unpalatable as the elections loom?  The fact that 66 offences have still to
be  introduced  three  years  on  would  seem to bear this out.  Lest it be
forgotten  just  how  serious  this  issue  is, it is worthwhile noting the
assessment  of  Eddie  Shaw  of  the  National  Safety Council that had the
Government  lived up to it’s commitments an average of 142 lives would have
been saved on the roads each year.

“The  cavalier attitude to road safety displayed by this Government however
goes beyond the road safety strategy, or lack of it.  It is a fact that the
volume of traffic on our roads is a contributory factor.  With this in mind
the  Governments  decision to privatise some bus routes is a backward step.
Privatisation  will lead to less frequent buses as the logic of profit will
dictate  a  frequency  that ensures full buses.  The withholding of finance
for  an  additional  140  buses  until  privatisation  was  agreed  is thus
extortion  playing  with  the  lives  of citizens to achieve an ideological
victory.   A  victory, incidentally that will benefit no one other than big
businesses,  the  kind  of people you might find in the Fianna Fáil tent at
the Galway races” ENDS

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