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Sinn Féin publish motion calling for an end to JobPath referrals – John Brady TD

13 April, 2018 - by John Brady TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Employment Affairs & Social Protection, John Brady TD, has today published a motion calling on the Government to end the referral of Jobseekers to JobPath.

JobPath is a job activation scheme delivered by two private companies (Turas Nua and Seetec) on behalf of the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection.

Launching the Dáil motion this morning, Teachta Brady said:

“JobPath is unique to all other job activation schemes. It concerns 151,000 of our citizens and millions of taxpayers’ money.

"This motion reflects many of the concerns and issues that have surrounded JobPath since its launch in 2015 – issues and concerns well highlighted but ignored by Government.

“First and foremost, this motion calls for an end to the referral of Jobseekers to the JobPath scheme. Client referrals are already due to cease in 2019 but we want to see this brought forward immediately. This will also free up Jobseekers to partake in other schemes which are currently struggling to fill their places.

“We need to see individual figures for the total amount of money given to both JobPath providers since 2015. This lack of transparency around the spending of taxpayers’ money is totally unacceptable and this motion calls for the publication of these figures.

“JobPath is compulsory. If a participant has a part-time job or family commitments, it does not matter, they are forced to attend and engage with JobPath.

"This compulsory nature is not helpful and it needs to be removed, the motion before us today calls for this.

“Other schemes such as Community Employment, Tús, the Rural Social Scheme and the Local Employment Service (LES) are suffering as a direct consequence of JobPath.

"The LES are not receiving enough referrals to even cover the referrals they have been contracted to take. In 2014, the LES received 67,314 referrals, last year they received 18,498.

"There are moves to reduce the numbers on Tús from 8,500 to 6,500. Community Employment cannot fill their places. As we speak, there are 1,528 vacancies on CE schemes across the State.

“This motion is about addressing the imbalance when it comes to referrals and vacancies in other job activation schemes. JobPath’s one size fits all approach does not work.

"We need to ensure that sustainability of our community based schemes and we cannot see them fall apart as a result of the Government's privatisation agenda."

Editor's note:
Please find the Motion attached to the top of this statement.

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