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Cross-Political Support needed for fresh Stardust Inquest - Lynn Boylan MEP

13 April, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin's Lynn Boylan MEP is calling for cross-political support to seek a fresh inquest into the Stardust tragedy following a press conference held today with the families and a letter which has been issued to the Attorney General.
Speaking today the Dublin MEP said:

“The Stardust families are now seeking a fresh inquest into the deaths of the 1981 fire tragedy . The Correspondence included has been issued to the Attorney General calling on him to urgently convene an Inquest into the deaths at the Stardust.

"The original Inquest into the Stardust fire was held in March 1982, just over a year after the tragedy when little detail was known about the events of that night.
“Since then there has been an Inquiry and two reviews which have called into question the account and version of events on the night in question. The initial 1982 inquest only determined that the victims had died as a result of ‘extensive burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning’. 

"It is now advisable that a fresh inquest is called so the record can be correct, and the true version of events can be articulated and recorded. 
“I am saying to the politicians in the room today that we need to work together.

"All of the TDs and the same with the MEPs need to be asked where do you stand on this and if you say no to an inquest why are you saying no to an inquest. It has to be about the families.
“It is essential that the inquest verdict into the Stardust be afforded the opportunity to hear all the evidence available, so as to ensure that the correct verdict is reached.  One such verdict could possibly include that of 'unlawful killing'. 

"We have seen from the North of Ireland and from Britain how fresh inquests can assist in bringing closure and justice to families who have painstakingly waited a very long time for the truth. One example is that of the Hillsborough disaster.  
“It should be noted that Key Witness evidence now available which was not previously before the Stardust Inquest or Keane Inquiry, calls into question the timing of the crucial phone calls which stems to the very basis of where the fire started.

"The most recent report by Judge McCartan accepts that this key witness’ evidence remains ‘left in some doubt’. It is now time an Inquest was commissioned, in similar vein to the Hillsborough disaster, to bring truth, justice and closure to those families directly affected by the Stardust atrocity." 

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