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McCartney welcomes Parades decision on Feeder Parades

11 August, 2005

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond Mc Cartney has welcomed the Parades Commission decision to restrict a number of contentious feeder parades which were due to pass through nationalist areas of the north en route to Derry on Saturday. 

Mr Mc Cartney said:

“The decision by the Parades Commission to restrict a number of Feeder Parades will come as a welcome relief to vulnerable nationalist enclaves in general and particularly to the people of Ardoyne who have had to endure the imposition of unwelcome triumphalist marches on their community. These Communities can now look forward to a confrontation free day on Saturday.

“I also welcome the decision taken by the Bogside Residents Group, in the light of the Parades Commission decisions, not to oppose this weekend’s Apprentice Boys parades in Derry.

“Given recent events during marches in this city I would urge nationalists and republican that have reason to be in the vicinity not to allow themselves to be provoked into any action or response that could be construed as confrontational. 

“I call on the march organisers to ensure that bandsmen and supporters of the march show respect and courtesy to the people of this City and prevent a re-occurrence of scenes from previous marches when paramilitary flags were clearly on display and drunken supporters openly consuming alcohol were allowed to accompany the return leg of the march into the Diamond.

“Residents and visitors not connected to the march must be free to go about their business in a peaceful, lawful manner.  Freedom of movement and access to City Centre shopping and facilities must be as open as possible. I know that most nationalists and republicans will refrain from involvement in any activity that could be seen as confrontational or provocative. But I would implore those few that may be intent on confrontation to be mindful of the possible impact of their actions on others in this city and elsewhere who will undoubtedly bear the brunt of any negative publicity from Derry.”

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