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Irish government needs to protect EU rights post-Brexit - Anderson

19 April, 2018 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said the Irish government needs to protect EU rights for people in the north post-Brexit. 

Martina Anderson said: 

"To date, much of the focus on Brexit has been on the issue of the border and the impact on trade with very little attention given to the huge impact Brexit will have on our rights. 

"Brexit will remove and undermine many of the rights we currently take for granted and it will also erode the rights secured under he Good Friday Agreement. 

"It will attack our right to access healthcare, the right to study abroad, the basic fundamental democratic right to able to directly elect a representative and many others. 

"The Irish government has a responsibility to protect, not just the Good Friday Agreement rights, but also the rights of Irish citizens living in the north in line with its pledge that Irish citizens here will never again be left behind by an Irish government. 

"We now need to see the Irish government committing to ensuring there will be no reduction of rights for people in the north as a result of Brexit in the ongoing negotiations. 

"The Irish government needs to ensure that in the Brexit withdrawal agreement all EU rights and opportunities associated with residency in an EU member state are protected and guaranteed for Irish citizens in the north." 

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