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O’Neill welcomes US call on British government to honour legacy agreements

19 April, 2018 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Michelle O’Neill has welcomed the call by a cross-party group of US Congress members on the British government to implement the Stormont House Agreement’s legacy mechanisms and release funds for coroners’ inquests.

Michelle O’Neill said:

“Mary Lou McDonald and I met with the cross-party group of Congress members Friends of Ireland during a visit to the US last month.

“Sinn Féin asked the Congress representatives to throw their significant weight behind the campaign by families of victims of the conflict for truth and justice on the killing of their loved ones.

“In particular we highlighted the families’ demand for the legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House and the release of the funds requested by the Lord Chief Justice to hold outstanding coroners’ inquests.

“Representatives from the US Congress have now written to the British Ambassador to America calling for the Stormont House mechanisms to be implemented.

“They have expressed concern about a proposal in Westminster for a statute of limitations for British military personnel, which would grant them immunity on top of the impunity they have enjoyed for decades.

“The US Congress representatives have also called for coroners’ inquests to be adequately resourced so that families, some of whom have waited almost half a century, can have an effective investigation into the death of their loved ones in line with European Law. 

“Only this week I wrote to the British Secretary of State calling on her to implement the mechanisms of the Stormont House Agreement and immediately release the legacy inquest funding.

“So I welcome this important initiative by the US representatives and thank them for their continued support for the Irish peace process and the families of the victims. 

"The British government’s transparent stalling tactics are a direct result of their pact with the DUP, who refuse to meet their obligations to victims and survivors. 

"Both the Tories and DUP must end their disgraceful denial of human rights immediately, and implement the Agreement and release the funds to the LCJ. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

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