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Repeal the 8th Amendment – Gerry Adams TD

28 April, 2018 - by Gerry Adams TD

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams is in Waterford this evening addressing the annual Waterford Sinn Féin dinner.

Gerry Adams TD spoke of the need to be compassionate and caring, trust women and repeal the 8th amendment.

“The Republic of 1916 was uniquely democratic and based on equality. A freedom charter. At a time when women didn’t have a vote it correctly treats them as equals.

“Every day brings new reports of the scandalous way this state treats women. This is a product of the narrow patriarchal and conservative regime established by partition. Our party has a proud record on women’s rights.

“Tá muid cinnte nach beidh saoirse nah Éireann ann gan saoirse na mBan.

“On May 25 we are calling for a yes vote in the referendum to safeguard women and to give their doctors and health professionals protection. We are asking for the repeal of the 8th amendment. Whatever our personal opinions on the issues involved we have a duty to trust women.

“However emotive or difficult the issues may be, men especially have a duty to accept that these matters are for the women involved and their doctors. We can retain our own views but none of us has the right to condemn our sisters or daughters or friends to the boat to England or a death like that suffered by Savita Halappanavar.

“So, let’s be compassionate and caring. Let’s trust women, Let’s take the 8th amendment out of the constitution.”

Gerry Adams added:

“Sinn Féin is the only party that can lead a government to transform our society. We are also the only party with the clear objective of achieving a United Ireland.

“Others talk about it. We intend to make it happen. A united Ireland is now a live political issue.

“We have put the holding of a referendum on Irish unity high on the political agenda and intend to keep it there.

“We must also persuade more and more people that Sinn Féin’s vision of a more equal, socially just and united Ireland is achievable. And then we must motivate them to join us in the fight to achieve that.”


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