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EU Commission prioritises arms Industry over Ordinary People in EU Budget – Boylan

4 May, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Lynn Boylan has slammed the EU Commission for prioritising arms industry over ordinary people in the EU budget. Speaking today, the Dublin Sinn Féin MEP said:

“This week, the European Commission published a draft legislative proposal for the EU’s seven-year multiannual budget which proposes to spend nearly €20 billion on defence while slashing the CAP (Common Agricultural policy) spend by more than 5% or €3 billion annually and the Cohesion budget which aims to improve the economic well-being of regions by 7%.

“Money is being taken away from farmers and the EU’s poorest regions, yet the Commission has no problem in boosting military expenditure. The EU Commission is prioritising the arms industry over the social and economic well being of ordinary people.

 “CAP funding supports 130,000 Irish farmers and 100,000 people who are employed across the wider Agri-food chain. A reduction of funding of this kind would have a devastating impact on the sector. I am therefore calling on all Irish MEPs to prioritise increased funding for CAP and Cohesion, over military expenditure. 

“I strongly oppose the additional €13 billion for the EU defence fund. The increased militarisation of the EU budget includes massive funding for what is known as 'military mobility'. This project proposes to make it easier to move equipment and troops around the continent.  It is clearly NATO driven and will help facilitate a further rise of non EU NATO troops in eastern Europe. Why are NATO calling the shots?

“The Agri-food sector in Ireland will face many challenges in the wake of Brexit so cutting CAP and Cohesion funding at this particularly sensitive time makes no sense. More tanks and bullets are not the answer.”

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