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Dempsey should ask his pals in Shell to lift the injunction against the Rossport 5 - Ó Snodaigh

19 August, 2005

Speaking at a protest in Co. Meath this evening Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh has called on the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Rasources Noel Dempsey to ask his "pals" in Shell to lift the injunction against the Rossport 5 and allow them to return to their families. Deputy Ó Snodaigh also scathed Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny and his brother on Mayo County Council describing their roll in the Rossport case as "disgraceful."

He said, "What we are calling for today is for the 5 men who are languishing in jail for the last 52 days for standing up for their rights to be immediately released.

"Our focus today is the Minister Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey, a local TD and somebody who is obviously very friendly with Shell. Hasn't he and his party given away the family silver -- our gas reserves, our natural resources -- to them. Obviously you would only do that to somebody you really liked or got on with. There is no other logic to the sweetheart deal, which the minister offered Shell, again, last week by issuing them Exploration Licences in the North East Rockall Basin. This was right in the middle of questions being raised about previous deals and licences.

"Now since Minister Dempsey and Fianna Fáil get on so well with Shell, why don't they ask their pals to lift the injunction against the 5 Rossport men. For once in their infamous life, maybe Shell will respect the human rights of people who happened to be in the way of their greed for profit.

"Lift the injunction. Let the men who were preventing Shell from continuing their illegal pipe-laying, go free and reunite them with their families. In other jurisdictions people who prevent illegal acts are praised or even rewarded. In this state they are interned."

The Dublin South Central TD concluded by saying, "What of Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny and his brother on Mayo County Council. Their role so far is disgraceful. They don't even have the balls to stand up and be counted, for or against. They want to avoid the issue while their constituents are spending their 53rd day in prison for no crime. Maybe it is that he remembers the role of Fine Gael Minister Michael Lowry in granting shell the licences in the first place nearly 10 years ago." ENDS

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