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Minister Creed and Fine Gael are crying crocodile tears over proposed cuts to CAP Budget – Boylan

10 May, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has stated that Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed is crying crocodile tears over the proposed cuts to the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) Budget, while he seems happy to see an extra €20 billion go on militarisation.  

Speaking today, the Sinn Féin Dublin MEP commented:

“It is astonishing that Minister Creed is now expressing disappointment at the cuts to CAP, while ignoring the proposal to spend nearly €20 billion on defence. Slashing the CAP spend by more than 5% or €3 billion annually will have a devastating impact on Irish farmers.

“If the Minister now feels so passionate about this issue, why is he not condemning the increase to the arms industry which is at the expense of CAP and other areas? This latest episode of crocodile tears is an example of the complete hypocrisy which comes from Fine Gael , where they say one thing, yet do another.

“CAP funding supports 130,000 Irish farmers and 100,000 people who are employed across the wider Agri-food chain. If Fine Gael are serious about protecting farmers, they should be aware of the need to prioritise funding for CAP and Cohesion over military expenditure.

“Minister Creed needs to stop talking out of two sides of his mouth and pretending to farmers that he is on their side when he does blink an eye at the proposed €20 billion budget boost to defence.  

“The Agri-food sector in Ireland will face many challenges in the wake of Brexit so cutting CAP funding at this particularly sensitive time makes no sense. More tanks and bullets are not the answer for Irish farmers.”

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