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Sinn Féin is committed to overhauling Ireland's exploitative Internship culture – Gavan

10 May, 2018 - by Paul Gavan

Senator Paul Gavan has today launched Sinn Féin’s ‘Inspecting Ireland’s Internship Culture’ survey.

Speaking at the launch, Senator Gavan said:

“Across Ireland, thousands of young workers are being taken advantage of through bogus ‘voluntary internship’ style contracts, where interns fulfil the same or very similar responsibilities to other paid employees. This behaviour by employers is unacceptable. 

“Unpaid internships give an unfair advantage to those who can afford to work for free - a privilege unavailable to most people. And they also give a competitive advantage to exploitative employers over businesses that want to pay a fair wage for a fair day’s work.

“Today’s internships culture represents a much wider trend in Irish society of workers’ right being eroded away; this must be stopped.

“Sinn Féin is committed to overhauling Ireland's internship system through legislation and regulation - but it's also important that we allow people to tell their stories during the process.

“This is why we have launched our ‘Inspecting Ireland’s Internship Culture’ survey. If you have taken part in an internship in the last five years, we would greatly appreciate your participation.

“Let’s put an end to bogus unpaid internships.” ENDS

Link to survey:

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