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Holland calls for Removal of Offensive Posters near Schools

14 May, 2018 - by Sarah Holland

Sinn Féin Cllr Sarah Holland today brought a motion before South Dublin County Council calling on the Council to remove offensive posters near schools. 

Cllr Holland said

“I brought this motion when the posters containing the text ‘License to Kill’ and showing a foetus of greater than 12 weeks gestation appeared near my daughter’s primary school.

“This necessitated a difficult conversation about the many heartbreaking reasons for which a woman may need to end a pregnancy.  Many other parents have also had to initiate these conversations with children who should not be exposed to these horrific images and concepts.

“Gardaí, the Referendum Commission, the Advertising Standards Agency, and some local authorities have stated that the content of referendum posters is outside of their remit.  Members of the public have been complaining in increasing numbers about the content of the posters, with increasingly divisive images appearing ahead of the vote on 25th May.

“I agree with the Minister for Health that we need to now challenge the falsehoods appearing on the No side posters.

“There are no proposals to allow for terminations based on gender or non-fatal conditions.  There are no proposals to allow terminations without risk to health or life up to six months.

“I would call on the No side to have respect for voters, to have respect and compassion for the women who face these difficult decisions and to have respect for our children, who should not be faced with these disturbing images on their way to school.”

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