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Apply for Birth Certificates With Derry as Birthplace - Sinn Féin urges parents

23 August, 2005

Derry City Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming has encouraged parents within the city council area to register their newborn children under the city name place of their own choice.

Cllr. Fleming said: "It has come to my attention that not all parents are aware that they can register the birth place of their children under the city name place of their own choosing. After being contacted by a constituent concerning this issue I contacted the relevant Officials and was assured that if parents request Derry or Doire as the registered place of birth it must be adhered to.

"At present a child's birthplace, if born within the council area, will be recorded as Londonderry unless a specific request is made otherwise. If parents so wish their child‚s birthplace can instead be registered as Derry or Doire.

"I would encourage parents to exercise their right to choose the name of their child‚s birthplace and I would also expect that council staff will be properly informed and prepared to facilitate any such requests that may be forthcoming." ENDS

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