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Pringle angered at Hospira Closure

23 August, 2005

Donegal Sinn Féin Councillor Thomas Pringle has expressed his anger at the planned closure of the Hospira Plant in Donegal Town and the devastation caused to hundreds of families in the South Donegal Area.

Councillor Pringle said, "I note the Manager has thanked the workers for their tremendous loyalty and hard work and says the closure is due to the high costs in Ireland and Œworld economics'. However, this is very little comfort to the people of Donegal. How many years will Hospira stay in Costa Rica before moving on and leaving a similar trail of destruction?

"The closure is an indictment of successive Governments attitude to Donegal. Sinn Fein has constantly raised the lack of industrial development in the West and South of the County and called for all sectors to work together in drawing up and implementing an Action Plan.. Hospira/Abbots was the last IDA backed development in this area ˆ and that was 25 years ago. Nothing since. We have Government Ministers in this county who should be hanging their heads in shame ˆ the highest unemployment rate in the country, no investment, no industrial promotion. As far as they are concerned the South and West of Donegal County might as well be in the middle of the Atlantic."

"No doubt," continued Pringle, "this Government will set up a Task Force similar to the previous ones where in a couple of years the results will be the same ˆ zero jobs, zero investment."

Councillor Pringle went on to extend his sympathy to the dedicated workers who made the Abbot/Hospira plant so profitable down through the years and condemned the irresponsibility and callousness of what the Manager terms Œworld economics‚ which condemns them to a bleak future.

"Will we be waiting as long for Government Action on employment as we are on Cancer Services?" he asked.

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