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Government failure to build homes highlighted by demand for hotels during concerts and sporting events – Ellis

16 May, 2018 - by Dessie Ellis TD

Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis has highlighted the unforeseen consequences for the homeless and people self-accommodating when major events occur in Dublin.

Deputy Ellis said:

“It is welcome to have stars of international standing coming to Dublin to play concerts or when international sporting events take pace.  It is great that Dublin hosts events, such as the Ed Sheeran concerts, and I have absolutely no objection to these taking place.

“However, there is an direct consequence when such major events occur with regard to people coming to the city to attend these concerts and seeking accommodation.

“With large numbers of people attending these events, there will be an natural increase in the demand for accommodation across the city. The unfortunate knock on effect of this is in demand for accommodation having a direct impact on those who are homeless and particularly those who are self-accommodating.

“I have had a number of cases recently where people who are homeless or self-accommodating have had great difficulty finding accommodation.  Families have been advised to go as far as Carlow or elsewhere to find accommodation.  This is clearly not a practical or reasonable request, especially if it is a single mother with limited resources or a family which would need to be close to schools and family supports.

“It is difficult for those in the homeless services to put practical solutions in place when taking account of the needs of those who are homeless and self-accommodating, even with advanced planning for these events.   However, there is an obligation on the government to live up its repeated promises that people would no longer be accommodated in B&BS and hotels.  It is time that the government fulfilled its promises and lived up to it oft repeated commitments.” 

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