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Vote Yes for Compassion and Solidarity – O’Brien

16 May, 2018 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Speaking today at an event organised to appeal for a yes vote in the coming referendum, Sinn Féin TD for Cork North-Central Jonathan O’Brien said that a Yes vote is a display of compassion and solidarity with women and parents going through the very worst of circumstances.

Teachta O’Brien said:

“Sinn Féin is calling for a Yes vote in this referendum. We are calling for a vote for compassion and solidarity.

“A Yes vote in this referendum is a vote for compassion for the devastated parents whose baby, tragically, has no chance of survival and they are forced to travel for a termination.

“A Yes vote is a vote of solidarity for the traumatised rape victim who cannot afford to travel for an abortion or is barred by immigration status.

“A Yes vote is a vote for compassion for the woman living with a serious underlying condition, whose life and health could be threatened or irreversibly damaged by an unplanned pregnancy.

“A Yes vote is a vote for solidarity with the mother who is already miscarrying and at risk of developing sepsis, a life threatening condition.

“Ireland cannot be a place where women’s right to healthcare is weighed against any other factor. Women must be able to have confidence in their ability to receive the care and treatment they need. We need to vote Yes to ensure this right.” 

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