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Zuckerberg must make open testimony in interest of openness and transparency – Boylan

17 May, 2018 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Lynn Boylan has hit out at the news that Mark Zuckerberg’s upcoming meeting with the European Parliament will be behind closed doors.

Speaking from Brussels, Ms. Boylan remarked:

“Like many other MEPs, I am disappointed that the upcoming meeting between Mark Zuckerberg and the European Parliament will not take place in public. Having the meeting behind closed doors is a missed opportunity for Facebook to show that they are committed to openness and transparency for European Citizens. 

“The Cambridge Analytica scandal saw the data of tens of millions of Facebook users used without their permission and there has been no comprehensive explanation given. In the current era of fake news and dubious online advertising, Mark Zuckerberg has a number of issues which he needs to clarify but is being let off the hook by not having a public testimony in Europe.

“The role which global internet giants are playing in our democratic process is becoming increasingly evident in political campaigns. At present, there is a lack of accountability from these corporations and private meetings will not address this. What we need is an open and transparent debate on how Facebook is using our data.

“In the interests of democracy, Mark Zuckerberg should be willing to meet democratically elected representatives in an open manner.”

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