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Taoiseach must not swap a permanent solution on Brexit for a temporary one - David Cullinane TD

18 May, 2018 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Brexit David Cullinane TD said today that the new proposals by Theresa May for an extension to Britain's membership of the Customs Union, while welcome, are not a substitute for a permanent solution for the island of Ireland. 

Deputy Cullinane said: 

"The news that Theresa May is to ask for an extension of Britain's involvement in the Customs Union is a welcome development.

"It is one, however, that has no bearing on the backstop arrangement, and nor should it be allowed to have one.

"The backstop stands in the a sense of an agreement. 

"It needs to be legally secure and to date that is not the case.

"Both the EU and Britain need to agree a backstop arrangement for the north - one that avoids a hard border. 

"Whatever is agreed after that is one for the negotiators to work out.

"The backstop is an insurance policy and it would be madness for the Irish government to give that up at this stage in the negotiations  

"The Irish government needs to hold firm and keep both the EU and Britain to the creation of a legal structure for the backstop  arrangement.

"Anything less is a step backwards and that cannot be allowed to happen."

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