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British government cannot be trusted on Brexit - Gerry Adams TD

18 May, 2018 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking in the Dáil on Thursday in a debate on his European Communities (Brexit) Bill 2017: Second Stage, Louth TD Gerry Adams addressed the current developments in the Brexit negotiations, including claims that the British will present a new proposal in the next two weeks. 

Teachta Adams said:

“I am probably the only Deputy present who campaigned in the North against Brexit. I do not know whether any Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael or Labour Deputies were up there. 

"I was there. We won. The people of the North voted to remain. That vote needs to be upheld and to form part of what we are considering.

"The Tánaiste rightly stated that there is a need for caution. We know that one cannot trust the Brits. 

"That is the reality, speaking in a west Belfast way. I do not mean the British people, the decent people whom I know there with all of the connectedness. 

"I have great friends there. When I talk about the Brits, I mean the British Government. One cannot trust them. One certainly cannot trust the Tories.

"On Tuesday, the Tánaiste stated that he was confident that the British Prime Minister would deliver on her commitment to avoid border controls. 

"I asked whether that would be by June, but he fudged the answer because he did not know any more than I did whether the Brits would come up with something by then and probably presumed they would not, that they would try to play it right down to the wire and then cobble something together.

"Contrast the Tánaiste's statement with his statement during this debate: 'It is, therefore, more important than ever that the UK engage in a more detailed and realistic way on the draft protocol, including the backstop... in advance of the June European Council meeting'.

"One can only interpret that in west Belfast terms by saying that the UK has not engaged in a detailed and realistic way on the draft protocol, including the backstop, up to this point.

"Contrast that with what the Taoiseach is saying, namely, that the British will table a new proposal on a future customs relationship within the next two weeks and that this is new thinking.

"These are all reasons to be cautious.”

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