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Consequences of under-investment have led to transport chaos - Imelda Munster TD

21 May, 2018 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Transport, Imelda Munster TD has said that a public transport policy forum held today at the Mansion House exposed in stark terms the consequences of decades of poor planning and under-investment in our public transport services.

Speaking after the event, Deputy Munster said:

“There was input from transport providers, unions, business representatives, disability advocates and others at today’s meeting, providing a broad range of experience and opinion on public transport.

“What was abundantly clear is that decades of mismanagement, poor planning and under-funding have come home to roost, and the sector is now facing serious challenges.

“There have been warnings about previous governments' records of bad planning going back decades, and throughout the Celtic Tiger years, but it appears that this government has learned nothing from past mistakes.

“Congestion is a serious problem, with 1.2 million people travelling into Dublin every day, and no evidence of any real plan to deal with this level of congestion in the short term.

“60% of primary school children are still driven to school because of a lack of alternative options for parents.

“We need to plan for population increases of over 1 million in the coming decades.

“People’s quality of life is really suffering. It is not acceptable that thousands of people spend hours in their cars every day sitting in traffic.

“The only coherent message from government is that they intend to, by stealth, privatise services, which has proven to be disastrous in other countries, most notably Britain.

“This needs to be fought every step of the way. Public transport is a public service. It connects rural and urban.

"You only have to look at any other European country – they have efficient, seamless, integrated public transport services which remain in state ownership.

"This is the model we should emulate in this state.

“There continues to be a lack of joined up thinking by government.”

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