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Most other countries can regulate rickshaws, but appears to be beyond Minister Ross – Imelda Munster TD

30 May, 2018 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin’s spokesperson for Transport, Imelda Munster TD, has today expressed concern that the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, intends to ban rickshaws without sufficient consultation, and has accused him of “taking the lazy option”.

Deputy Munster had an amendment regulating rickshaws passed in December 2016, and has been calling on the Minister either to implement her legislation, or for the government to take action to ensure that regulations are put in place.

At present rickshaws can operate without tax or insurance, safety issues are very difficult to police, workers rights and responsibilities are not in place and we have evidence that a significant level of drug dealing is operating from rickshaws.

Deputy Munster said:

“We all know that there are safety issues with lights, traffic violations, tax and insurance issues and serious concerns with drug dealing.

“I have been calling on Minister Ross to regulate rickshaws since I was elected to the Dáil. He has ducked and dived every step of the way and now he’s saying that he favours an outright ban.

 “This is the lazy option. Minister Ross has not furnished us with any evidence, any facts or figures or comparative studies.

"He simply cannot be bothered to deal with the difficulties that regulation might throw up.

“Minister Ross can’t be bothered with regulation because road traffic legislation is an absolute basket case and he won’t take the trouble to consolidate and streamline existing legislation.

“All the problems we are experiencing with regards to safety, drug dealing, taxation and insurance can be solved through regulation.

“Most other countries seem to be able to manage rickshaws, and regulate them. Why can’t we do it?”

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