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Hazzard addresses LSE on ‘disgraceful’ denial of rights

31 May, 2018 - by Chris Hazzard

It is a disgrace that the DUP are still denying rights to citizens five decades on from the Civil Rights era, Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said.

The South Down MP was speaking in an address at the London School of Economics to launch the left-wing political journal 'Transform'.  He was joined by a panel of speakers who discussed the Civil Rights Movement in the US, the Nuclear Disarmament campaign in Britain, the Paris student protests, and the Civil Rights Movement in the north of Ireland.

"The Civil Rights movement was as an optimistic and united force demanding modest social and economic change,” Chris Hazzard said.

“Republican activists, organised and individually, were only one part of this much broader coalition. The violent state response exposed for many the direct complicity of Britain in the crimes of the Orange state, and for many the accuracy of the republican analysis.

"Thirty years after the Civil Rights movement, the Good Friday Agreement offered a new and peaceful way forward and promised a society based on rights, equality and respect. 

"And fifty years after the global rebellions of 1968, entrenched unionist opposition to the principles of the Good Friday Agreement coupled with the cataclysmic challenges of Brexit means that the republican objective, for a united, reconciled, and truly democratic Ireland, has never been more popular, or urgent.

 “However, it is nothing short of a disgrace that five decades on from the launch of the Civil Rights campaign, the DUP still deny rights to Irish language speakers, women and the LGB&T community’

"It is to this task that Sinn Féin, and many progressives across Ireland, remain committed to today."

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