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Megan Fearon MLA commends Sinn Féin’s Women’s Health document ahead of weekend Ard Fheis

13 June, 2018 - by Megan Fearon

Sinn Féin MLA Megan Fearon has commended the party’s Women’s Health document which is due to go to the party’s Ard Fheis this weekend.

Speaking as the party published the Clár for its Ard Fheis this morning Ms Fearon said;

“While women’s position in Irish society has improved in the one hundred years since women’s suffrage, women are still seriously under-represented in the political system.

“As the National Women’s Council of Ireland have shown, ‘women are still seriously under-represented in the political system, are still disadvantaged in the labour market, and still carry the main responsibility for unpaid care work’.

“Indeed, in spite of improvements, the area of health service provision is a sphere in which inequalities are particularly acute for women.

“Fundamental inequalities pervade the delivery of health services for women but also manifest themselves in other aspects of the health system, at senior decision making level and at policy development level.

“The reality is that women are, and have been, underrepresented at Government level and in political parties.

“Women are also underrepresented at hospital level which has inevitably led to health systems, north and south, that are highly gender segregated in their design and delivery of services.

“To the great shame of conservative Governments, religious organisations, and state institutions, women in Ireland have suffered historic and present injustices. These injustices have been, and are, particularly acute in the area of health care.

“Understanding that fundamental inequalities pervade the delivery of health services for women has to be a starting point to elicit change.

“While always being cognisant of the wrongs of the past, it is imperative that current discrimination is tackled, not only through progressive policy planning, but through action at all levels of our health systems.

“Sinn Féin does not claim to have identified all the issues in the delivery of health services for women across Ireland. Nor do we claim to have advocated all the solutions.

“What we have done is produce a document which outlines Sinn Féin’s vision for women’s health care in Ireland, a vision that is based on the principles of fairness and equality which we can all work towards together.”

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