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Kelly urges new Orange Lodge to withdraw new parade application

13 June, 2018 - by Gerry Kelly

 A Sinn Féin delegation led by MLA Gerry Kelly met the Parades Commission today to object to an application by a newly constituted Orange Lodge to parade through a mixed area of North Belfast.

Speaking after the meeting, Gerry Kelly commented:

“We made​ the Parades Commission ​aware that the parade applied for was very contentious as it ran through a mixed residential area and there have already been a significant number of objections from residents.

“There has never been an Orange parade in this area and we have received several calls and emails from residents worried ​and angered ​by this development. It is a mixed area and clearly this application would create tensions if approved.

 “The erection of unionist flags over recent days in Roscoole Park, Mountcoole Park, Kilcoole Park​ and Duncoole Park was clearly ​a ​precursor to this application and an attempt to mark out territory.

 “That is wrong and only serves to intimidate residents and create flashpoints were there hasn't​ been any before.

"​I urge those involved not to go ahead with their planned march​ out of respect for community relations. The last thing North Belfast needs is another contentious parade."

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